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CHF 15'980.00

You will receive from us:

Project management

In order to take as much of the burden off our clients as possible, we use a designated project manager to drive the project forward. Thus, you as a customer can focus on your core business and the delivery of your content and inputs.

Keyword & Competition
Analysis [SEO]

We find out which words and word sequences potential customers use to search for your service and make a competitor analysis. The results of this allow us to optimize your website and blog posts for your customers' searches.

Website design

Our designers will create an individual design prototype for you (no templates). This way you can approve the look of your website before building it.

Logo design or

Get your personal brand logo, your key marketing tool and marketing identity.

DSGVO Compliance Package

We help you to create your privacy and imprint texts, and integrate them into your website in such a way that they can be automatically updated in case of legal changes and integrate a component that manages the compliant cookie approval.(DSGVO relevance for Switzerland)

Technical search engine optimization [SEO]

Our SEO experts take a lot of time to meticulously optimize the content, metadata and source code of the site for the specific search queries of your potential customers.

Marketing texts (up to 40h)

Our talented marketing copywriters will help you incorporate the words and phrases from the keyword and competitor analysis into your copy and write additional copy for your website.


Our website engineers build your individual website in detail-loving handwork.

[SEO] Booster (12 months)

Our proprietary SEO Booster application submits your business to numerous search engines, business directories, voice databases, navigation systems and social media portals, ensuring more relevance on the web and more backlinks. Blog posts can also be posted on most of these listings to generate backlinks to them as well.

Marketing Graphics and Templates

Our designers will create the following graphics and templates for you based on your logo, website design and marketing copy: social media profile picture, social media banner, social media post template on Canva and a newsletter design template.

Hosting (12 months)

We will cover the cost of their hosting for the first 12 months.

Domain (12 months)

We will cover the cost of your domain for the first 12 months.

Video tutorials website

We provide you with instructional videos for independent website editing or blog post creation.

Standard service package incl. Backup (12 months)

We cover the cost of their standard service package incl. Backup for the first 12 months.

Mediation PR agency +3 additional media publications

We will refer you to our premium PR agency partner and ensure that you receive 3 additional media publications when you sign there.

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